iZone Lighting

iZone smart LED bulbs, downlights, smart plugs and garage door control

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I change how my iLight operates after power failure?  
  2. Can I have more than one bridge in a house?  
  3. Can I still use my light switch to turn the iLight on and off?  
  4. Can I use a blue tooth speaker to play music Via the iLight App?  
  5. Can I use my iLights as a normal Light bulb and switch it on and off at the wall switch then use the features only on special occasions?  
  6. Can iLight reduce jet lag?  
  7. How do I configure a Wireless iLight Switch, Auto Brightness and iSense?  
  8. How do I save money using iLight?  
  9. How does colour change improve environments?  
  10. How many iLights can I have on a single system?  
  11. How much power does an iLight consume when it is switched on at the wall but off on the App?  
  12. I have a group of iLights but I want to display different iLights on different layout pages, how do I do this?  
  13. Is it true that iLights do not attract insects?  
  14. The aluminium body of my iLight lamp is quite hot to touch. Is this normal?  
  15. What fittings are the bulbs available in?  
  16. What is the comparative brightness of an iLight lamp to an old incandescent Bulb?  
  17. What is the life expectancy of my iLight?  
  18. When I press "All Off" every iLight in the house switches off. Can I change this so some iLights still remain on?  
  19. When I press "All On" every iLight in the house switches on. Can I change this so some iLights still remain on?  
  20. When using the iSense feature, the light does not come on the second I enter the room. Is there something wrong with the sensor?  
  21. Why does the App ask me if I want to update the iLight system time to this device?  

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